Reformation 500 worship resources for outreach

The Reformation 500 Committee has prepared worship resources that highlight the “solas” of the Reformation, including sermon studies, worship outlines, and music resources. The resources are coordinated according to a four-Sunday schedule: Scripture Alone, Christ Alone, Grace Alone, Faith Alone.

The sermon studies offer background, text study, suggested outlines, and children’s sermon ideas.

The worship outlines are designed to be accessible and therefore “visitor-friendly.” They are rooted in the familiar liturgies, hymns, and psalms of Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal and Christian Worship: Supplement, but also offer variety and flexibility, as well as some new music resource options. Hymns and Psalms have been chosen to closely relate to the theme of each service. Both NIV and ESV translations of the readings are provided.

The music resources include a paraphrase of the Apostle’s Creed set to the familiar hymn tune ODE TO JOY and a gathering rite based on selected Psalms set to original music. These resources are noted as options for use in place of the spoken creed or
standard service beginning, respectively.

We hope these resources will be a blessing to your congregation and community as you celebrate the gospel and invite others to know it.

Coordinating bulletins are available for purchase from Northwestern Publishing House.

Evangelism Sunday Resources

Use these resources for a special worship service and Bible study focusing on Evangelism.

General Information

The School of Outreach is a ministry provided by the WELS Commission on Evangelism and your District Evangelism Commission.  The program serves congregations of the WELS with planning, assistance, and resources for congregational evangelism programming and implementation of outreach strategies.  There are two one-day workshops that are scheduled several months apart.  Pastors who have been trained in the School of Outreach program make the presentations.  There are breakout sessions at each workshop during which the presenters work with individual congregations to advise them regarding outreach plans and strategies.  In the months following each of the workshops, these advisors offer follow-up assistance specific to the needs of congregations.

Goals of the first workshop are to help participating congregations develop/enhance a…

  1. Workable organization for evangelism
  2. Written plan of outreach strategies
  3. Managed prospect list for faithful follow-up

The goals of the second workshop are to help congregations develop/enhance plans for…

  1. Training members for witnessing to people they know (Friendship Evangelism)
  2. Raising awareness of their church in the surrounding community (Church Identity)
  3. Improving the way guests are welcomed at worship services (Worship Welcome)

View the current schedule.

For additional information, contact your District Evangelism Coordinator or
Pastor Eric Roecker, Director – WELS Commission on Evangelism at (414) 256-3287 or email

District Evangelism Coordinators

MICHIGAN Rev. Norman Burger
MINNESOTARev. Stephen Meyer
NORTH ATLANTICRev. Frederick Guldberg
NEBRASKARev. Timothy Spiegelberg
PACIFIC NORTHWESTRev. Benjamin Zuberbier
SOUTH ATLANTICRev. Brian Pechman